The Tele Columbus Group builds and operates hybrid fiber optic networks and offers its customers and partners the most powerful interactive access route to television, telephone and internet – the cable connection. The entire diversity of modern multimedia services is available via the broadband cable network:

  • A comprehensive analogue TV range with up to 40 analogue TV channels
  • Around 70 high-definition HDTV channels, including up to 20 unencrypted HD channels of public broadcasters ARD and ZDF
  • Digital broadcasting with a capacity of more than 100 channels, including all public digital services, regional channels and many special interest channels covering news, sports, music, children or shopping, for example
  • Premium programmes on a subscription basis – from family-friendly entertainment to foreign-language station packages
  • A digital entertainment platform for time-shifted TV consumption, replay on mobile devices as well as on-demand film and TV series highlights
  • Analog and digital radio stations with uninterrupted reception via cable socket as well as many programmes from other regions
  • Telephone connections meeting digital standards with excellent voice quality, Germany-wide landline flat rate and two lines that can be used simultaneously
  • Highspeed internet connections with up to 400 megabits per second in the two-way-upgraded DOCSIS cable networks
  • Super-fast internet connections with bandwidths up to one gigabit per second in FTTH GPON fiber optic networks
  • High-speed internet with up to 400 megabits per second and short ping times, real flat rate, email inboxes and convenient installation service
  • Mobile data and telephone rates for free calls across all German networks and mobile surfing at LTE speed
  • High-performance connections and networks as a carrier service for B2B customers

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