Tele Columbus AG: High-speed fibre-optic network for Flensburg-based housing association SBV


SBV, Stadtwerke Flensburg and Tele Columbus AG/WTC begin partnership

High-speed fibre-optic network for Flensburg-based housing association SBV

– SBV extends contracts with the Tele Columbus Group

– Gigabit supply with DOCSIS 3.1

– FTTH expansion in collaboration with utilities provider Stadtwerke Flensburg

Flensburg/Berlin, 19 March 2020. Tele Columbus AG/WTC with its PΫUR brand, one of Germany’s leading fibre network operators, has joined forces to form a partnership with SBV, Flensburg’s largest housing association, and regional utilities provider Stadtwerke Flensburg to provide the town with innovative multimedia technology.

SBV has extended its existing agreements with Tele Columbus Group and is modernising its cable network in order to provide multimedia services and a reliable and extensive TV service to the 7,500 apartments in its portfolio. The future deployment of the new DOCSIS 3.1 standard means that data speeds will be significantly higher moving forward (gigabit range).

What’s more, a state-of-the-art fibre-optic infrastructure (fibre to the home, or FTTH) is also set to be established in the northern German town over the coming years. As part of its partnership with Stadtwerke Flensburg, PΫUR uses dark fibre connections at network layer 3 to bring the high-speed internet directly into residents’ homes. Once complete, the Tele Columbus FTTH network will also allow Stadtwerke to provide their own IP products to SBV apartments.

“This is all about making our apartments even more attractive and fit for the future,” says Jürgen Möller, Chief Executive Officer of SBV. “Working with two reliable partners, PΫUR and Stadtwerke, is a great benefit to us as landlords, but the main beneficiaries are our members. They will be able to enjoy even more stable and high-speed telecommunications networks in the future.”

Stadtwerke has already connected more than half of the districts in Flensburg, and therefore many SBV buildings too, to its expanded fibre-optic network. As part of the new partnership between SBV, Stadtwerke and PΫUR, internal fibre-optic networks are now being installed into each apartment. “Our Förde Flat tariffs should be available to the first set of tenants before the year is out,” explains Ulla Meixner, Head of Telecommunications at Stadtwerke Flensburg. “And that’s not all: We aim to have connected all of Flensburg, and therefore all SBV buildings, to the network in five years’ time.” Dr Dirk Wernicke, Chief Executive Office of Stadtwerke Flensburg, adds: “I am very pleased to see that the partnership is such a success and will enable so many people to access the fibre-optic network.”

“We are delighted to continue this fruitful arrangement will SBV and would like to thank them for placing their trust in us,” explains Rüdiger Schmidt, Chief Sales Officer Housing Industry & Infrastructure of Tele Columbus AG. “Our partnership with SBV and Stadtwerke ensures that every resident in every apartment has access to high-performance TV and internet infrastructure.”

About SBV

Selbsthilfe-Bauverein eG Flensburg (SBV) is a registered housing association based in Flensburg. SBV has been providing affordable housing since its foundation in 1949 and has grown to become one of the largest housing associations in the town, with a portfolio of approximately 7,500 apartments and more than 3,000 residential and commercial units managed on behalf of third parties (as of early 2021). As a cooperative association, SBV offers its more than 11,000 members lifetime tenancy and, with its wide range of housing solutions, also gives elderly tenants the chance to lead an independent life into old age. SBV embraces its social commitment in many different areas, to the benefit of all Flensburg citizens. As a member of the Flensburg climate pact campaign, SBV also supports environmental concerns and countless cultural projects.

About Stadtwerke Flensburg

Stadtwerke Flensburg is a green energy provider supplying electricity, district heating and drinking water to some 60,000 households in Flensburg and the surrounding region. The Flensburg-based energy provider plans to expand its fibre-optic network to cover the entire town by 2025. Its services include internet, telephony and TV solutions to private and business customers.

Stadtwerke Flensburg provides electricity and natural gas to more than 300,000 households and businesses across Germany.

They are an established presence on the energy market, with annual revenue of close to EUR 450 million. Stadtwerke is one of Flensburg’s largest employers and vocational training companies, employing 600 people and 50 trainees. Stadtwerke Flensburg is one of Germany’s key heating suppliers. Almost everyone in Flensburg heats their homes and businesses using Flensburg power plants. The energy is generated using environmentally friendly cogeneration infrastructure.

Stadtwerke Flensburg is wholly owned by the town of Flensburg. As part of the greenco2ncept initiative, the energy provider aims to achieve a fully carbon-neutral energy supply by 2050. By 2022, Stadtwerke plans to replace four coal-fired boilers with four natural gas-powered systems, including combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT), anticipating the phasing-out of coal energy in Germany. This will reduce carbon emissions by 40%.

Stadtwerke is investing around EUR 330 million, most of which in Flensburg and the surrounding region, for the two CCGT systems and fibre-optic network expansion.

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About us

Tele Columbus AG is one of Germany’s leading fibre network operators which reaches more than 3 million homes. Via its brand PŸUR, the Company, offers high-speed internet including telephony and more than 250 TV channels. All of this via a digital entertainment platform that combines linear TV with video on demand entertainment. To its housing association partners the Tele Columbus Group offers tailored models of cooperation and state-of-the-art services such as telemetric and tenant portals. As a full-service partner for municipalities and regional utilities, the Company is actively supporting the fibre-based infrastructure and broadband internet expansion in Germany. For its business customers the Group offers carrier services and corporate solutions on its proprietary fibre network. Besides its headquarter in Berlin, the Company has locations in Hamburg, Leipzig, Ratingen and Unterföhring/Munich. Since January 2015, Tele Columbus AG is listed on the regulated market (Prime Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock exchange.


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