Berlin, 21 June 2017. Today, Tele Columbus AG, Germany’s third-largest cable TV provider held its third annual general meeting in Berlin. Mr Frank Krause and Dr Volker Ruhloff, were elected today into Tele Columbus’ extended supervisory board. Both are new to the company. Dr Susan Hennersdorf was confirmed as a member of the supervisory board by today’s annual general meeting. She was already appointed on 22 February 2017 by the local court and succeeded Ms Robin Bienenstock who had left the supervisory board at the end of 2016 for personal reasons. The other supervisory board members continue to be Mr Frank Donck as chairman, Mr André Krause as vice chairman as well as Christian Boekhorst, Yves Leterme and Catherine Mühlemann. The extension of the supervisory board was already approved by the annual general meeting in 2016.

All three new members of the supervisory board of Tele Columbus AG are true telecommunication and multimedia experts. Dr Susan Hennersdorf started working after her studies in Berlin first for Boston Consulting and afterwards in several leadership positions at Tengelmann before joining Staples Germany as CEO. Thereafter she became Vice President of the consulting firm The Monitor Group (today Monitor Deloitte). This was followed by her role as managing director for the consumer business and member of the management board of Vodafone Germany GmbH. Since 2014 she was working as Head of Sales, Marketing & Operations for EnBw AG.

Mr Frank Krause is currently CFO of United Internet AG. He has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in several leading controlling and finance role within the telecommunications industry, amongst others as CFO of Vodafone Hungary and Turkey. This was followed by his tenure as member of the management board of Vodafone Germany, where he was also responsible for the integration of Kabel Deutschland GmbH. Mr Krause has been working at United Internet since June 2015. Besides his role as CFO of United Internet he holds several other positions within the company and its subsidiaries such as United Internet Corporate Services GmbH, 1&1 Telecom Service Holding Montabaur GmbH, United Internet Investments Holding GmbH, United Internet Service SE. Moreover he is a supervisory board member of 1&1 Internet TopCo, 1&1 Internet Holding SE, STRATO AG and 1&1 Internet SE. Additionally he is a member of the advisory committee at Versatel Telecommunications GmbH.

Dr Volker Ruloff was actively involved in setting-up the D2 mobile phone business which was partially owned by Mannesmann. Thereafter he was CFO or Arcor AG for more than ten years, a subsidiary of Mannesmann. In this role he set up and further developed the fixed-line business. From 2007 to 2011 he was a member of the management board at Vodafone Germany, responsible for finance. Since 2011 he is working as a consultant in the telecommunications industry, where he advises start-ups in the media space. Besides this, he is a member of several supervisory boards and advisory committees.

About Tele Columbus

The SDAX listed Tele Columbus Group is one of Germany‘s largest cable network operators. Via its origins – individual regional cable network operators that were merged into Tele Columbus – the company dates back to 1972. Today, about 3.6 million connected households in Germany are served by Tele Columbus, primacom, pepcom, Deutsche Telekabel, Martens und KMS with TV signals and, increasingly, digital broadcast packages, Internet and voice connections provided via high-performance broadband cable. As a national provider with a regional focus and a partner of the housing industry, the Group is present throughout its core markets Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia as well as in numerous key regions in western Germany. In tune with current demand trends, the company is upgrading its networks in a hybrid fibre-optic infrastructure for superfast Internet connections of up to several hundred megabits per second with the state-of-the-art Internet transmission standard DOCSIS 3.0. The broadband cable caters to the entire range of innovative media applications from analogous, digital and high-definition TV to high-speed Internet and voice connections to telemetry services, tenant portals and interactive services. Beyond merely transmitting signals, Tele Columbus uses its own product platform in order to actively increase the programme offering and to develop additional services. Via its company HL komm, Tele Columbus also delivers powerful connections and network services to business customers.


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