Cologne/Berlin, 30 May 2017. Tele Columbus Group, the third largest German cable network operator, and M7 Group, one of the leading platform operators for satellite and IP based TV in Europe, extend their longstanding cooperation for the contribution of German and international Pay-TV channels. The two companies have announced this today at ANGA COM 2017.

As part of this cooperation Tele Columbus Group and M7 also consolidated the existing contracts with the Tele Columbus subsidiaries primacom and pepcom. The servicing of Pay-TV subscribers in the integrated networks of the entire Tele Columbus Group is also happening in the future via the M7 platform for turnkey wholesale products and services. M7 provides the packaging, encryption and the uplink of the TV signals via satellite transponders and is providing the technical base for the feeds of the German and international premium content into the integrated networks of the Tele Columbus Group.

„By its technical platform services and a broad spectrum of target audience focused Pay-TV and international channel packages the cooperation with M7 enables the marketing of an attractive channel portfolio within the entire Tele Columbus distribution area”, said Frank Posnanski, CFO of the Tele Columbus Group. „The extensive catalogue of rights contributes to use the full functionality of our advanceTV platform that we have launched in the beginning of this year and that provides an optimal TV experience for our customers.”

„We are pleased about the extension of our cooperation that is a significant driving force for Pay-TV in the German cable market. Tele Columbus Group customers will profit from the growing diversity and quality of digital TV channel and services offer. At the same time we strengthen our position as purchasing pool for attractive Pay-TV channels for more than 140 network partners“, stated Martijn van Hout, Country Manager Germany & Austria of M7 Group S.A..

Kontakt Tele Columbus:

Hannes Lindhuber, Tel.: +49 (30) 3388 4177

Mario Gongolsky, Tel.: +49 (30) 3388 4174


Kontakt M7:

Burkhard Zyber, Burkhard.Zyber@eviso.de

Pressekontakt M7: Thomas Fuchs, tfuchs@fuchsmc.com, Tel.: Tel: +49 171 4483 168

About Tele Columbus

The SDAX listed Tele Columbus Group is one of Germany‘s largest cable network operators. Via its origins – individual regional cable network operators that were merged into Tele Columbus – the company dates back to 1972. Today, about 3.6 million connected households in Germany are served by Tele Columbus, primacom, pepcom, Deutsche Telekabel, Martens und KMS with TV signals and, increasingly, digital broadcast packages, Internet and voice connections provided via high-performance broadband cable. As a national provider with a regional focus and a partner of the housing industry, the Group is present throughout its core markets Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia as well as in numerous key regions in western Germany. In tune with current demand trends, the company is upgrading its networks in a hybrid fibre-optic infrastructure for superfast Internet connections of up to several hundred megabits per second with the state-of-the-art Internet transmission standard DOCSIS 3.0. The broadband cable caters to the entire range of innovative media applications from analogous, digital and high-definition TV to high-speed Internet and voice connections to telemetry services, tenant portals and interactive services. Beyond merely transmitting signals, Tele Columbus uses its own product platform in order to actively increase the programme offering and to develop additional services. Via its company HL komm, Tele Columbus also delivers powerful connections and network services to business customers.


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